In the coming years, we have a strong focus on making our deliveries even more climate-smart. Such a change is far from easy, but we promise to share future projects and progress in the area.

Sustainability in focus in the coming years

Ever since the start in 2015, climate and environment have played a major role for us at Gordon Delivery. Through several different initiatives – from self-developed technology to research projects – we work hard to reduce climate impact and offer environmentally smart deliveries for the last mile.

At Gordon, we take a holistic approach when it comes to sustainability and in addition to climate and the environment, we ensure fair working conditions for all our employees – from managers to Gordoneers (our most important assets – the people behind our wheels).

In the coming years, we have a strong focus on making our deliveries even more climate-smart. Such a change is far from easy, but we promise to share future projects and progress in the area.

Coordination of deliveries for the climate

For a long time now, we have introduced a self-developed coordination technology and route optimization to reduce delivery distances and simplify last-mile deliveries. Compared with “regular” deliveries, we have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than half.

“This shows the potential for coordination as home deliveries increase, and given the current climate focus,” said Ali Ghoce, CEO of Gordon Delivery.

Other sustainability projects

Gordon Delivery is an active participant in several different projects and research projects. Below is a selection of these:
  • Under the leadership of Chalmers Industriteknik, more than 40 companies and organizations are working together to develop efficient redistribution systems for food waste.
  • Triple F. We participate in the project “E-commerce distribution of food in cities with electric vehicles (E-DEL)” with the goal of contributing to the Swedish freight transport system’s conversion to fossil-free.
  • “Fossil Free last mile”. Gradually, we see it as an obvious goal to switch to fossil-free fuels throughout Sweden (read more about this initiative below).

Electric vehicles

Our goal is to gradually replace our refrigerated trucks with electric refrigerated trucks in an urban environment to reduce the environmental impact. This is not easy today, as an essential battery is needed to both drive the car forward and cool the cargo space, without it taking up half of the refrigerated truck. We are super happy to have developed a prototype together with partners in the Triple F project, which will now be tested.

Our goals are as follows at present – but we hope to be able to raise expectations as product development progresses:
  • 2021: 10% of city deliveries (pilot and development of city electric car concept)
  • 2022: 30% of city deliveries
  • 2023: 40% of city deliveries
  • 2024: 60% of city deliveries

Transition to fossil-free fuels

For us at Gordon, it is important to do what we can to reduce climate impact. We therefore aim to radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions with the help of fossil-free fuel alternatives. We initially see the HVO100 as the best alternative – a completely renewable diesel that has been developed to reduce the climate impact from transport. HVO100 has several advantages over fossil diesel. It is a completely renewable, fossil-free and sustainable fuel, which produces radically lower emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2e) – a reduction of as much as about 90% compared to traditional diesel.

We have the following goals for gradually moving to fossil-free:  
  • 2021: 30% of deliveries (excluding electric cars)
  • 2022: 50% of deliveries (excluding electric cars)
  • 2023: 70% of deliveries (excluding electric cars)

Decent conditions for our employees of the utmost importance

As a driver – Gordoneer – at Gordon Delivery, you can work full time, part time or a few extra hours here and there. But it must be done in the right way. Some companies leave their drivers waiting for rides without payment, but we do not want to work that way. As a Gordoneer, you should be able to plan your time and not be stressed about not knowing if you have a job or not. We are also very concerned that everyone should have reasonable terms, with a collective agreement-based hourly wage, OB supplement, holiday pay and insurance. Working hours are scheduled five weeks ahead. Managing all different types of employment internally would have cost a lot of time, energy and money. And to demand that everyone consult through their own companies would be unsustainable. “I experience that many people get more motivation from being self-employed. They are completely free to work with other engagements as well. At the same time, it is important that they represent both us and the major brands we represent. Together with Cool Company, we can easily scale up our business further. ” says Ali Ghoce, CEO of Gordon Delivery.