.Last mile deliveries.

First class experiences.

Want to know how we do it? We call it Smart Deliveries.

The client’s order system is integrated with Gordon’s tech platform and can monitor deliveries in real time

Orders are now visible for us at Gordon, no need for manual order handling. Throughout the delivery process, our clients can follow and track the deliveries in real time!
Gordon Delivery tech platform

Gordon optimizes the daily route

With all the orders for a given day, Gordon optimizes the delivery routes to work as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Notification to end customer: Shortened delivery time window and updating of instructions

A day or two before the delivery day, Gordon notifies the end customer of the estimated time of delivery. Already now it is possible to provide the driver with delivery instructions.

Preparation at the warehouse: 2nd notification to end customer

An SMS is sent to the end customer when the driver starts loading the truck. The end customer can still update the delivery instructions at the tracking page.

Driver is nearby: 3rd notification to end customer

An SMS with a link is sent to Gordon’s tracking page, where the end customer can follow the delivery in real-time.


The driver arrives at the location and hands over the order with a smile. If nobody at home the driver leaves the items outside the door and takes a picture.


In order to constantly improve we ask the end customer to rate the delivery.