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We call it Smart Urban Logistics

We solve real problems


Collaborated B2C

With our coordinated flow, you reach the majority of the population in Sweden and Denmark today and contribute to reduced emissions. We handle all your logistic needs from production unit to the end customer.

Collaborated B2B

Gordon Delivery’s coordinated B2B service allows you to distribute both refrigerated and frozen goods to stores, businesses, restaurants or cafes.

Private Distribution

Let Gordon take care of the logistics to avoid big investments in your own vehicles, technology and personnel.

Get started today

On a rapidly growing market, Gordon Delivery stands out among the logistics players with its world-class tech platform and by taking full responsibility for the customers’ experience.

Gordon Delivery builds its business based on present and future customer needs.

Success Tower

Ensure operations with staffing, route optimization, vehicle planning and deviation management.

Gordon Academy

Gordon uses behavioral science, processes and motivational factors to create service-oriented Gordoneers.

Digital Customer Experience

The end customer monitors the delivery in real time via their smartphone and can contact and evaluate the Gordoneer.

Tech Platform

Provides a solid foundation for automation and efficiency. Gives retailers the opportunity to monitor their logistic flows in real-time.

Midst of a paradigm shift

Today, every tenth purchase in retail is made online. By 2025, this number is expected to increase to about 30-40 percent of the entire trade in Sweden. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift where the customer meeting is moving from stores to delivery.

This puts a heavy demand on logistics and services. For the best possible outcome and to deliver a qualitative experience for the end customer, the supplier and carrier must be synchronised with a highly digital platform, for quick and flexible support.

Intelligent deliveries

Gordon Delivery has developed a solution that aims to constantly improve last mile logistics and thus increase the profitability of retailers, both in grocery and meal kit solutions. Our innovative platform makes it easier for both retailers and consumers to track their deliveries.

Coop Online Sweden, Hello Fresh, Simple Feast and many more have already taken the step into a digitalized customer experience with the help of our Last Mile Platform. Let Gordon handle the logistics and avoid doing the heavy work and investments in your own vehicles, technology and personnel. We call it Smart Urban Logistics.

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