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Frequently Asked Questions

I am missing items in my bag / box, what do I do?

– If something has gone wrong and you are missing goods, we ask you to first raise it with the company from which you bought the goods.

I have problems saving my information through the link I received via text message, what do I do?

– When you receive a link from us before your delivery, you can click on the link and fill in information. Everything is filled in automatically here, which means that you do not have to think about pressing “save” somewhere, the information is sent to us immediately. If you want to make permanent changes such as address changes, change of telephone number, etc., it is best to notify these changes directly to the company you ordered from. The changes are only saved with us for the current order due to GDPR.

What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

– If you want to cancel your order, we ask you in the first instance to take it up with the company from which you have bought the product, we do not handle cancellations so it needs to go through the company you have ordered from.

I’m not home the day you deliver, can I change the day and time?

It can usually be solved, but it depends on which company you have ordered from. Contact us at support@gordondelivery.com and we will help you.

I have not received my delivery, what do I do?

Get in touch at support@gordondelivery.com or write to us in our chat and we will help you further.

How do I get in touch with customer service?

We are available via chat, email and phone.

When I click on the link you have sent, it becomes blank?

Contact support@gordondelivery.com and we can help you further.

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