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The market has lacked real players in the niche platform for last mile and e-commerce. Gordon Delivery has, during the past years and with thousands of deliveries each month, developed experience, knowledge and know-how that offers a complete solution.

With our last mile platform, you’re in charge of your own logistics. Take part of the advanced insights and easily connect all stakeholders in a pratical way

Increasing consumer demands

Every tenth purchase in today’s market is made online and there is absolutely nothing that indicates that this number will reduce. By 2025, it is expected to increase to 30-40 percent of the entire trade in Sweden.

At the same time, the exceptions on customer service, smooth return handling and improved delivery precision are increasing. Thus, it is important that e-retailers have a good overview of the entire chain and can identify faulty routines and areas in need of improvement.

Smarter logistics

Gordon’s cloud-based platform connects all stakeholders – customer service, delivery partners, drivers, management and terminals/stores – everybody that needs to interact and collabrate for successful logistics. In order to create the best possible conditions for e-commerce and the modern consumer, both machine learning and AI are used.

We help you quickly get started with the platform with the help of manuals, video tutorials and standard configuration and we will digitize your feeds within a week.

Complete control of deliveries

Last Mile Platform from Gordon Delivery puts you as a merchant in the driver’s seat. Increased cost efficiency and flexibility enables both scalability and growth.

With the market’s most modern solution, you can reduce administrative and inefficient processes. Take control of your logistics flow and follow the deliveries from start to finish.

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  • Route optimization

  • Driver app

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Digital customer communication

  • Automated inventory coordination

  • Deviation handling and redelivery

  • Follow-up and reports